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Human Resources

This section of the website provides you with resources needed to run your business. None is more important than the management of your company’s workforce—or Human Resource. Human resources is a broad term that doesn't capture well the range of responsibilities of the human resource manager.

Human resources often serve as a company’s liaison with employees. Typical human resource functions include job analysis and description, performance appraisal, training, addressing employee grievances, implementation of company policy (code of conduct), and discipline and dismissal. Perhaps the most important human resource responsibility is to ensure compliance with federal and state employment and labor laws.

The tabs on the left are arranged topically to help you easier find the information you may be seeking, from forms, brochures, policies and procedures, and sample employee handbook that you can modify to suit your company (under the Employment tab, 2016 Revisions to PIC Company Policies and Procedures).

There is also a Human Resources expert to answer your questions, or to do on-site training—just dial your local affiliate and it will connect you.

Click on the left menu to view the corresponding documents. PDF documents (PDF) open in a new browser window, Word(Word) and Excel (Excel) documents download to your computer.