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Who has access to this site?

As a member of one of the three California graphic arts association—PIASC, PIASD, VMA—you are automatically a member of PIC, the affiliates government affairs office, and have free access to all the products on the site.

PIC is the premier resource for graphic communication companies to stay abreast of the complex and continually changing laws and regulations that affect our industry. PIC has decades of experience advocating for and against bills and regulations as well as producing materials, guides, and interactive pdf programs to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

Membership in the affiliate associations is open to business owners, professionals, and freelancers in the design, marketing, communications and print sectors, and we encourage you to experience the value of belonging to your regional—and statewide—graphic arts association. Click on the designated regional association to find the membership application.

PIASC(Greater Los Angeles Region, Santa Barbara County and Southern Nevada)PIASC
PIASD(San Diego County and Imperial County) PIASD
VMA(Northern California Counties and Northern Nevada) VMA